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Affordable customized on-site physical education!

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We provide all the equipment and all staff. Our PE curriculum is guaranteed to enhance any private school.

With the appropriate space we offer any sport activity imaginable. Some campuses only offer concrete parking lots or indoor gyms, we adapt and create a curriculum that works. This is a list of some of the activities we can offer:

Archery, Kin-Ball, Baseball/Whiffleball, Soccer, Street Hockey, Handball, Frisbee, Kickball, Volleyball/Newcomb Ball, Basketball, Tennis, Pickle ball,  Saints Sports Combine Fitness Test, Obstacle Courses, Golf, Flag Football, Four Square, Track & Field, Parachute, Dodgeball, Fitness Stations, Rainy Day Group Activities, And Many More…

Our curriculum exceeds the national standards for Physical Education.  Our program teaches children about many different aspects of physical education and physical fitness.  The ultimate goal for our students is to learn how to become physically fit people, not only in school but also in everyday life.  To accomplish this goal we introduce a wide variety of sports and activities that inspire students to do their best, and above all that they have fun.   We encourage and reward students who participate in our program PLAY45.  Secondary goals of our program is to teach students about having good sportsmanship, teamwork skills, responsibilities in leadership, proper effort, and always have fun.  We encourage our schools to have students dress appropriately with tennis shoes and active wear when possible.  

Our program is also capable of giving grades for students.  We grade on the following 3 areas:

  1. Responsibility/Punctuality:  is prepared with appropriate attire and is not tardy.
  2. Participation/Effort:  actively participates in class activities, group discussions with effort.
  3. Skill Proficiency:  demonstrates proper skills, listens and follow directions, showcases knowledge of game/activity explained, building confidence.

More info and explanations on grading system will be offered in our meeting. We follow each schools existing method of discipline when disciplinary action is needed.  Let’s meet today.


 Client List:  

  • ABA Academy, Sarasota, FL, Shelly Swift (941) 388-8020.
  • Agape Christian School, Sarasota, FL, Cindy Showalter, (941) 894-3053.IMG_7827
  • Elim Junior Academy, St. Petersburg, FL, Tiffany McNealy, (727) 327-8651.
  • Elim Child Development Center, St. Petersburg, FL, Tanisha Campbell, (727) 490-8801.
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran School, Tampa, FL, Kelly Reilly, (813) 839-0665.
  • Mt. Calvary Junior Academy, Tampa, FL, Edson Jarvis, (813) 238-0433.
  • Bethel Community Christian School, St. Petersburg, FL, Cleopatra Sykes, (727) 865-3962.
  • Daughter of Zion Junior Academy, Delray Beach, FL, Lawanna McCoy, (561) 243-0715.
  • Lighthouse Christian Academy, Tarpon Springs, FL, Nicole Kerr, (727) 505-6714.
  • Center Academy, Palm Harbor, FL, Suzy Gaudin, (727) 781-2986.
  • Montessori by the Sea, St. Pete Beach, FL, Nicole Wilson, (727) 360-7621.
  • Mt. Olivet SDA Jr. Academy, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Cynthia Murray, (954) 792-6010.
  • Saints Academy, Orlando, FL, Vivian Williams, (407) 683-5537.
  • Raising Knowledge Academy, Orlando, FL, Ariam Cotto, (407) 888-9595.
  • CVV Preschool and Academy, Orlando, FL, Pastor Alma Robles, (407) 703-2708.
  • American Youth Academy, Tampa, FL, Osman Zafar, (813) 987-9282.
  • Christian Learning Academy, Apopka, FL, Bryce Pfeger, (407) 410-0049.
  • Mt. Sinai Junior Academy, Orlando, FL, Tiffany McNealy, (407) 298-7871.
  • Beryl Wisdom Adventist School, FL, Dawn Phillips, (407) 291-3073.
  • Broward Junior Academy, Plantation, FL, George Aristide, (954) 316-8301.
  • New Hope SDA School, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Olga Simmons, (954) 587-3842.
  • El Bethel Christian Academy, Orlando, FL, David Thomas, (407) 648-1978.
  • Scholars Prep. Academy, Orlando, FL, Krista Jex, (407) 937-9804.
  • Bethel Junior Academy, West Palm, FL, Dr. Previlus, (561) 379-4279.

Call Coach Brad for more information…772-633-6018



Please contact us for more information…Call Coach Brad 772-633-6018


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